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What do you do when the earth splits open?

Generally speaking, we have no real warning when an earthquake is about to happen... I mean, there are tornado sirens and hurricane warnings nothing for earthquakes except the subtle change in animal behavior if we are keenly aware.Yet honestly, who pays attention to animal behavior in our day to day living? How often are we keenly aware of nature?

But an earthquake just happens. Suddenly. Just link sinkholes, the earth creates a vast opening. No warning. No preparation. No running to higher ground. No farewells. BOOM! CRACK! Earth is split apart.

React. That's all we can do. React.

The sudden opening up of the earth is akin to abrupt change in our lives... whether chosen or unchosen. It's as if you are swallowed up into a vast dark hole. Panicking, shaking, crying out but no one hears. There is no hand to pull you out. There is nothing. You, alone, falling into an unknown with no clear direction or path. This is you. Alone. In the dark depths of the murky earth. This is you having to rediscover just who you are. Truly.

Facing change (job loss, moving, relationships ending, etc) causes us to be vulnerable. To strip down to nakedness. To be raw.

I think very few of us ever allow ourselves to be raw. Raw in that your entire Self is separate from societal, familial, and cultural expectations of you and your life. Stripping down to the very essence of your being is frightening but it enables us to connect to another level of Being.

I’ll stop here. In the midst of a sudden earthquake… in the midst of sudden upheaval, allow your Self to become raw.

Be raw.


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