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Life is constant interruption.

Impermanence is constant.

“To observe the impermanence of things is not to reject them, but to be in contact with them with deep understanding, without being caught in desire and attachment.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Winter causes us to pause… stillness… done with the holidays… there is little to occupy my thoughts… so it becomes a season of contemplation.

Persevering through winter seems to coincide with the “new year resolution” push that so many of us grab onto as a way for self care and improvement.

But it must be deeper than new diet goals or exercise routines. Some suggestions are to keep a “gratitude journal” and write 3-5 things we are thankful for each day. Research has shown that this actually changes the neurological wiring in our brain thus creating a more positive outlook.

This is beneficial and something I am trying to do. However, my contemplation goes deeper into the soul. I was raised in traditional Christian theology and even studied theology at the graduate level. I have also explored other world religions as I seek the “whys” of our being.

On a frigid evening in January 2000, I stood motionless in a wind-blown open field of wonder. Staring in awe at the magical, electrifying northern lights, tears of deep joy and gratitude filled my eyes. I was speechless. I was connected. I was lost in time. And I just kept wondering why go through all the struggles for career, status, education and societal expectations… to just die.

I recall Joseph Campbell’s response to "what is the meaning of life"… simply put, there is none… we give meaning to life.

We make life meaningful.

Love makes life meaningful… experiencing life is and of itself a gift… to perhaps catch a glimpse of existence prior to being encapsulated in our physical bodies. Our spirit is crying out for freedom… for connection.

We are spiritual beings.

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