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It’s hard to be public. By public, I mean it's sometimes hard to be on social media. That may be a strange assertion given the times we live in with technology taking over every aspect of our lives. Yet, even with all the apps, I have found myself struggling with the need to be private while also wanting to participate fully and indulge in the attention that goes along with it. Every now and then I’d post something very personal be it a life event or simply sharing my views on an issue… only to be filled with regret.

And that bothered me.

I think that’s because my initial intentions for using social media was to simply stay in touch with family and friends… to share and support… to celebrate and cry together. To be connected.

Constantly moving… I craved the connection.

But so much has evolved these many, many years. I think one problem, at least for me, is that it is way too easy to be reactive. I may read something that ignites strong emotions and click! it’s posted…. in less than a second… without any regard to my audience. Without any regard to my intentions.


Are my motives pure?

Will good come from my actions?

Am I being true to myself?

These past few years had been arduous. My father’s death just knocked me to the ground. It took everything in me to participate fully in life again. I somehow made a conscious effort to turn off the television and pick up books. I found myself drawn to studying world religions, mysticism, and the power of myth.

If you are seeking self-contemplation and personal meaning,

I highly recommend reading Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero With a Thousand Faces.”

It rescued me.

I discovered that when I am being true to myself and deeply following my “bliss” or intuitions, my intentions are pure. And, I am content.

It’s when I go outside myself that angst, depression, and weariness creeps in. That is when my actions result in selfish behavior and thought, not only hurting those around me, but myself.

So before speaking… before acting… pause and consider your intentions. If we can pause for even one little second, then more often than not we won’t say or do anything.

We will be content.

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