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About Me

Beach at Sunset

Way back when in 1988, my creative writing professor had us write a personal story and mine evolved as "the orange purse."  For all these years, I've been carrying my story with me, and now it is finally time to share.  As I age, the story emerges with varying layers... I hope that through my story, insights, and personal happenings, a sense of kinship emerges.

May your find balance and a sense of well-being.  May your "purse" be filled with reminders that truly help you to live lightly.

A little more...

Formal education is Doctor of Education candidate specializing in Curriculum, Learning and Leadership, Masters of Science in Education specializing in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Education.

More than thirty years working in early childhood and elementary education ranging from a classroom teacher to manager of school-age care programs, and private consultant.

Married for almost thirty years to a dedicated, hard-working, nature-loving former special operations soldier and now successful businessman.  Mother to a driven, intuitive daughter who blazes her own trails and gently reminds me to "walk softly."  Mother to the most sensitive, loving German short-haired pointer ever.... he lifts up my soul.

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